Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dirty South Ballers

Dirty South Ballers is a regular feature that focuses on the Memphis Tigers here at Ghetto Testimonial.

According to a report by Gary Parrish of, the Memphis Tigers were going to wear the colors of FedEx against Southern Methodist University on Feb. 18 -- jerseys were even made. The word leaked, and the idea was nixed. It was supposed to be a gesture of appreciation to FedEx which helps to prop up the team and the city of Memphis.

The national backlash would have been swift and overwhelming, but it's not like Memphis is a popular team outside of the city. The media has to put teams in a box: bluebloods, underdogs or out of control rebels. The Tigers aren't royalty like North Carolina and UCLA or a scrappy underdog like Davidson. Memphis must be the next generation of UNLV.

I don't like the idea because FedEx's colors are hideous. FedEx is a great company, but its color scheme won't translate to an aesthically pleasing uniform. People are going to hate on the Tigers no what matter. Those jerseys will probably end up on Ebay.

Memphis Ends Plan to Wear Purple and Orange (Sportsline)