Monday, February 1, 2010

The Best Job in College Basketball

Rick Barnes has the best job in college basketball. 

He makes seven figures a year, lives in Austin, Texas, and his fan base really doesn’t care about basketball. 

The Texas Longhorns have lost three of their last four games despite having one of the deepest team in the country. 

The Longhorns shot to number one in the polls on the strength of a 17 - 0 record before a disastrous January.

They can shoot, rebound and play lockdown defense when they are focused.
Barnes can stockpile talent but can never seem to get it to gel.

He has only one Final Four appearance (’03) despite recruiting the likes of TJ Ford, Kevin Durant, and Lamarcus Aldridge—all first round draft picks in the NBA.

Most fanbases would call for the coach’s head, but few people seem to care in Lone Star State.

Ben Howland is feeling the heat after taking UCLA to three Final Fours since ’06.

One loss has Kentucky fans wondering if John Calipari can return the Wildcats back to the Final Four.

There’s a tough column every now and then but nothing of real substance.

Barnes’ only saving grace is that he lives in Texas, and it’s less than 48 hours away from national signing day.

Who cares if Barnes squanders another top 10 recruiting class?

The football team is going to be loaded again and in hunt for another national championship next season.

There’s no guarantee that Texas will flameout, but Barnes is luck that he coaches basketball in a football mad state.